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The Kanghui brand is a division within the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic plc.


As a global leading player and trusted partner, Kanghui creates sustainable value for its patients, surgeons and business partners in China and other markets by offering innovative, reliable and affordable orthopedics products and services, professional education platform and efficient services


Matortho are the pioneers of next generation orthopaedic implant devices.


With the development of tried and tested products, MatOrtho® remains true to its core focus – to improve the quality of life of all patients who receive one of its devices.



Adler Ortho

Adler was proud to be the first orthopaedic company to supply
3D-printed implants that were commercially available. Driven
through the Cremiscoli Institute, Adler has been able to perfect
the 3D Powder Manufacturing Technology process to provide
highly rated products.


LRS Implants is an innovative Orthopaedic Company, based in Cape Town, South Africa.  LRS specialises in the field of Limb Salvage, and in finding solutions for any orthopaedic challenges.


We are happy to collaborate with surgeons or medical device companies to bring their ideas to reality, whether it be a new instrument or a custom mega-prosthesis.


LRS partners with leading academic institutions and suppliers to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and meet all international medical device standards. LRS is proud to carry the ISO 13485 Certification.

LRS Implants

Breg provides remarkably easy products, services, technology and consulting to improve the quality and lower the cost of the orthopedic episode, from conservative treatment to pre-and post-surgery.


The second largest U.S. provider of orthopedic bracing.


Breg is committed to:


  • Supporting practitioners through comprehensive partnership

  • Support patients with high-quality products and services

  • Delivering seamless support to facilities navigating the complexities of modern healthcare


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